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What are the advantages of using an inverter generator?

What are the advantages of using an inverter generator?

1. Electric power source of high quality

Precision Champion inverter technology ensures that the electricity generator that produces similar citywide electricity produced by the inverter unit Champion is reliable and one that we take from the outlets in our homes.

2. Light are less size

Champion engineers use inverter technology to integrate parts of the engine and generator. For example, Champion inverter generator is connected to the engine flywheel. This allows the inverter generators are smaller and lighter than traditional models.

3. Greater efficiency in the use of fuel

Eco-Throttle ™ technology allows the engine generator to automatically adjust the engine speed to produce only as much electricity as is required for a device that is connected. Traditional generators need to work at 3600 rev / min to generate electricity of 60 Hz .. Generator with Eco-Throttle ™ can operate at much lower speeds without having maintained the frequency and strength sufficient for the current load. The engine does not have to operate at full speed continuously for Eco-Throttle ™ technology, a result that consumes 40% less fuel and produces fewer emissions.

4. Quiet operation

Champion Inverter generators are much quieter than traditional models. Eco-Throttle ™ reduces noise generator because the generator does not operate constantly at full speed. Special insulation materials and quiet Champion engines also contribute to low levels of noise in these aggregates

5. Possibility of parallel connection

Champion aggregates can be combined with other identical aggregates to increase their strength 2 times. Parallel connection allows the use of two smaller aggregates as a substitute for a much larger unit, without sacrificing mobility.

How do Inverters work?

Champion technology for inverters takes raw power produced by the generator and using a special microprocessor carried out by a process of several steps. With the help of the rotor is achieved by three-phase AC voltage, which depends on the speed can reach up to 500 Hz. In the inverter, the AC voltage equalized and converted into an AC voltage of 50 Hz. Champion uses only high quality inverters in their units, they would produce a stable and constant electricity
The final result is electricity that can run the most sensitive electronic equipment.

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